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Company History

Jason L. Cali

    Jason L. Cali

Jason L. Cali

Jason joined Cali Futures in 2013 after developing his management and communication skills in diverse job experiences. After receiving his Bachelors Degree from The University of Pennsylvania in 2009, he was selected by Teach for America in Washington, DC. There he spent two years teaching and coaching middle school while earning his masters degree at night.

Jason then spent a year with a bio-tech start-up company and worked part time for Cali Futures. Following that, he was offered the opportunity to work for the dynamic new company, Tough Mudder, where he excelled in event organization, marketing, and contract negotiations. During his time there, Jason was recognized for his contributions in operations, culture, team building, and best business practices.

Jason started working on The Park at Bayonne in May 2013, and helped finalize approvals and permits before moving full time into construction coordination with LuCal Partners, general contractors for the project.