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Brothers John J. (seated) and Angelo R. Cali (far right), their sons Brant and John R. Cali.

Since the late 1940's, the Cali family has been considered a leader in the New Jersey Real Estate Market.

Throughout the 80's and 90's, John R. Cali and Brant Cali, sons of Angelo Cali and John J. Cali played a major role overseeing development, leasing, marketing and property management.

Wherever their ventures take them: whether managing a small family business, a construction project, or a multi-billion dollar company... their foresight, ability to partner with quality organizations, and their commitment to deliver excellence will continue in the future. Calis distinguished legacy >>

    Jason and John Cali on top of Park Bayonne

John R. Cali with son, Jason Cali, at the topping out of their Park Bayonne project

Integrity, Experience and Excellence

Superb architectural design... Quality construction... Innovative ideas... Sensitivity to the community... Caring, one-on-one relationship with tenants and customers. They are the artistry of Cali, builders of a remarkable collection of corporate centers, residences and industrial space. Like other forms of art these Cali properties age with grace and remain timeless.

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Recent Projects
Recent Projects

Living the American Dream
With Real Estate Artistry

By Patric Dolan
Editor, Real Estate Forum

IF ART IMITATES LIFE, especially in the art of real estate development, the three senior principals of Cali Associates might well have been suitable subjects for a Norman Rockwell painting or a Jack London adventure story.

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Their rise to the heights of real estate development in New Jersey makes for a classic American tale: Two brothers—born the sons of an immigrant miner in the Colorado Rockies—and a boyhood pal stick together through the Great Depression and World War II, go to college and become educators. Dissatisfied, they try their hand at real estate—forming their own development firm and learning the business through trial and error.  Read the article...